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What is Cordys Kitchen?

Some say cooking was the original art form? ... I just really like eating food! But in order for a skint musician to enjoy a plate or 2 of his favourite cuisines he has to get the pots and pans out and figure it out for himself!

When i left home to start my career in music i moved 350 miles away and crossed a patch of water, which made it rather difficult and expensive to get home at the weekends for a home cooked meal. 6 months of eating microwave meals and canned foods was all i could take before i decided i was going to figure this culinary thing out. After 13 + years of trial and error, feeding flat mates and a wife thats appetite can be compared to Gwyneth Patrows in Shallow Hal i am at least some what practiced in the ways of the wok, and other kitchen utensils of course...

I am no expert nor would i even like to be graded in the kitchen on any level, however, when i once did it because i had to, i now do it because i absolutely love it. Cordys Kitchen is not an instructional service, or an aid. Cordys Kitchen is my celebrations of food, not just what i make at home but also what i get to taste on my travels and of course sharing with the world some Orcadian recipes and my take on Orkney fusion cooking!!

Through experience i have found that musicians generally are great cooks and many also would say it's one of their hobbies. Maybe food is the original art form and creating delicious food to share with people and creating music isn't that much different?

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