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Being in a Band

Updated: May 9, 2020

Being in a band can mean a few things. Firstly, i want to specify what i'm talking about when i use the word "band" in this blog. A band can be a brass band with a Musical Director or marching band or it or it can be a covers band playing in the local weekend haunts, but i'm referring to something specific. Picture a group of puberty stricken teenage misfits rehearsing in their mums kitchen or in the garage or wherever they can do their thing without receiving an ASBO. Scribbling down lyrics on the back of home work and school jotters and dreaming that someday they are going to tear the roof off Wembley. Although i have worked in music for a decade i am at the heart a 16 year old with that same dream.

Secondly, ask the question are you in the band, or are you IN THE BAND? These are 2 very different stances which can mean the difference between you having a say in the main decisions every bad must make. Alternatively, being ignored or not even invited to band meetings, and being shoved to the back of the stage with your best performances being ignored or forgotten. It also means wether or not you are getting credits for writing the songs, which in the past is a debate that has thrown bands into complete turmoil.

Finally, being in a band is not so much a project or career as it is a way of life. Being in a band can dictate how you dress, how you talk, how you carry yourself and who your friends are. Your friends generally are just your band mates and those people who come to see your band on more than one occasion.

Now that i have given you some context to what i'm gibbering about i can try to get to my point. As some of you reading may know, i spent 5 years in a band called Little Eye, and if you knew that then you will also probably know, that Little Eye have split up. In the 5 years that i was performing with the band we travelled all over Europe, recorded albums, filmed music videos, played main stage at Isle of Wight, and had a number 5 in the Italian MTV Rock chart. We also had a lot of fun.

However, like any horse driven cart it needs all of its steeds working together and all pulling in the same direction which by the end...wasn't the case. As has happened to thousands of bands throughout history it just didn't work out and in October 2017 Little Eye ended.

It's only been since the demise of Little Eye that i have sat down and thought about what it really means to be in a band. And what i recon is that at the end of all the trials, tribulations, record deals, screw jobs, fall outs, and good times is the simplistic value. Being in a band is playing the music that you really love with your friends.

And on that note i'm delighted to say... I'm back in a band.

My friends Jay Hepburn and Euan Malloch and i spent a bit of time searching for something or someone to make something...Until we decided "fuck it, LETS JUST BE SOMETHING!!!"

So i give you... A BAND... still without a name, but a band that is 3 best friends dreaming about tearing the roof off everywhere they go. Sometimes to figure out how far you have come you have to go back to the beginning and and see how far you can go. So here we are back at the start and looking forward to the inevitability of whatever comes next and rocking the shit out of it!!!

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