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Bay City Rollers U.S.A 2018

I have travelled across America loads as a tourist, on my honeymoon for example, my wife and i drove across the country starting in Miami and finishing in San Fransisco, however this was my first trip across the pond to play music. We left Glasgow in a Hurricane with the flight being delayed on the runway until the wind had reached an acceptable strength to take off, however after a blowy start we were above the clouds and were plain sailing :) to Indiana via Philadelphia. We had a day off in Indiana with the nearest town being Shelbyville where there wasn't much to see except a nice little bar called Capone's Speakeasy. We made friends with the owners and ended up back there after soundcheck and had a fun night alongside "Tammy The headless Hookers",

The show in Indiana was a lot of fun, and a really cool venue. We also got to try a Tomahawk steak from the restaurant. The next day we had a very long travel day starting at 5am with a few flight delays and only just made it in time for a soundcheck before back to back shows in Hersheys Park in Pensilvania. The thought of this schedule was daunting, however the day was a lot of fun.

The final show of the tour was in Chicago, a city that i have wanted to visit for a long time. I'm a huge fan of the Blues and Chicago was the birth place of the electric blues. The show was in a theatre called the Arcada and has seen some of the biggest names in Blues perform, BB King, Buddy Guy and loads more so it was a great honour to perform there. The meet and greet after the show was a total riot, a lot of fun!!! Love the energy and the passion of the Roller fans (Rollermaniancs).

The whole trip was an amazing experience, and it was great to have Stevie Richmond on the tour as FOH. Even with the cancelled flight from New York and all that time spent in airports we squeezed as much juice from it as possible! Looking forward to heading back out in April 2019.

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